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Get united! Restaurants offer more than just treats outside the home. They are social places that are shared with others. The restaurateur is the one who pulls all the strings. He is often the chef and prudent host in one person. Under his direction, his team creates an overall experience that delights guests.

Our conviction: A good host knows what guests expect today. That is why United Tables does not serve ready-made solutions from the portfolio drawer, but suitable concepts. With United Tables we explore the latest food and restaurant trends and develop interesting table settings for them.

What topics are currently shaping the restaurant scene?

Use United Tables as your style guide and advisor to bring new indulgent trends to the table.

One stop shopping

United Tables opens up the quickest and most uncomplicated access to modern table concepts based on a finely composed complete range of glassware, porcelain and cutlery, because we do not view the individual players at the table in isolation, but rather realize the laid table as an overall concept The advantage: this means that the new food and beverage trends can be implemented in one go without the need for time-consuming searches for suitable articles.

Who is behind it

United Tables by Zwiesel was founded in 2022 and is a spin-off of Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, the world market leader for crystal glass products in the upscale hotel and restaurant industry, known for its Zwiesel Glas and Schott Zwiesel brands.

In order to offer its customers in the hotel and catering industry fast and uncomplicated access to modern table concepts, the company, together with an experienced management team and globally networked designers and trend scouts, has expanded its portfolio and launched UNITED TABLES - with the aim of realizing the laid table as a full-range concept.

Our brands

The Team

Christian Strootmann
Managing Director

Christian Strootmann combines many years of management experience as CEO, managing director and advisory board member of globally operating companies with a passion for all topics related to the development of new business fields.

Whether it's the cosmetics industry or the tabletop industry: With his many years of international management experience in both B2B and B2C environments, Strootmann's focus is on the design and further development of sustainable business models and innovative marketing concepts.

Christian Strootmann is also at home in new business. He successfully led M&A and joint venture projects and was responsible for the design of cooperation models, portfolio strategies and organizational development.

As Managing Director of United Tables, Strootmann combines his passion for beautiful tableware with his expertise in the concept and development of a global B2B company. Zwiesel Kristallglas AG is thus continuing to develop into a provider of holistic concepts for all aspects of the table setting.

Sven Stockinger
Managing Director / Head of Sales DACH

Glass with heart and soul: Sven Stockinger was not only born in Zwiesel. Zwiesel has also been his professional home for almost 17 years.

As Project Manager and Managing Director, the 38-year-old has been responsible for the fortunes of United Tables, the youngest subsidiary of Zwiesel Kristallglas AG, since 2021. He had previously headed sales in the Professional division for Germany and Austria for five years and before that held other positions at Zwiesel.

Sven Stockinger has spent his entire career in the glass industry. First he worked at Spiegelau, then at Zwiesel since 2006. And that's no coincidence: glass has always played a role in his family, too, because almost every one of his ancestors has had something to do with glass.

Sebastian Welsch
Head of Customer Service DACH

Sebastian Welsch is the youngest member of United Tables' management team. As Head of Customer Service, the 28-year-old has been looking after customer satisfaction at the full-service provider for table settings since January 2022.

Having grown up in Deggendorf, Sebastian Welsch has always been connected with the region around the Bavarian Forest. After graduating from high school, he completed a bachelor's degree in tourism management in Deggendorf. He completed his master's degree with a focus on marketing and sales.

In 2018, Sebastian Welsch joined Zwiesel. He initially worked as a student trainee alongside his master's studies and later wrote his master's thesis on sales field service at Zwiesel. In 2020, he began his career as Sales Assistant Hotel / Restaurant / Catering (HoReCa) for Germany and Austria. One year later, he took over as Team Leader Customer Service in Sales HoReCa and moved to United Tables in January 2022.

Felix Gittermann
Head of Sales International

His heart beats for tabletop products and the development of new business areas: Felix Gittermann has been Head of International Sales for Zwiesel Glas and United Tables since May 2021, heading up global sales for the Bavarian glass manufacturer.

Born in the Stuttgart area, the 44-year-old has been at home in the tabletop industry since 2004. He has worked for brand companies from the B2C environment as well as for companies from the B2B sector.

His focus was and still is on international sales. Thus, Felix Gittermann takes care of the establishment of new business areas, the development of new channels and international distribution structures.

With various sales stations at Glaskoch Bad Driburg (Leonardo) and as International Sales Manager for BHS tabletop AG, the Swabian brings with him a wide range of national and international expertise.

Contact and Sales International

Manuel Acenero Angel
Regional Sales Manager – Germany Zwiesel
Hans Sitzberger
Regional Sales Manager – Germany Middle East, non-French speaking Africa, Italy
Philippe Guillon
Regional Sales Manager – Germany France, French Speaking Africa
Martina Lukasova
Regional Sales Manager – Germany Nordics, UK, Baltics
Sarka Fornousova
Regional Sales Manager – Germany Russia, Eastern Europe
Beatriz Aquino
Regional Sales Manager – Germany South America
Jonas Wandtner
Regional Sales Manager – Germany Southern Europe, Netherlands, Belgium
Laura Graml
Project Manager & Customer Service Sales –
Kris Chua
Regional Sales Manager South East Asia

Contact and Sales - Germany

Oliver Skokann
Regional Sales Management North – Germany North
Kai Knab
Regional Sales Management North – Germany North
Christian Gaus
Regional Sales Management Northwest – Germany Northwest
Ludger Petkens
Regional Sales Management West – Germany West
René Fröhlich
Regional sales management center – Germany Middle
Stefan Fleischer
Regional Sales Management East – Germany East
Angelika Stemmer
Regional Sales Management Southwest – Germany Southwest
Tom Fleischer
Regional Sales Management East – Germany East
Silvia Gangkofner
Regional Sales Management Bavaria South – Germany Bavaria South
Sebastian Mac Lachlan-Müller
Key Account Manager Top Gastronomy & Hotel Chains – Germany Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Sonja Wefers
Key Account Manager Wineries – Germany Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Christian Schug
Regional Sales Management North Bavaria – Germany North Bavaria

Point of contact marketing

Birgit Dubberke
Head of Marketing & Communications – Germany DACH
Lorea Bräutigam
Product Management – Germany DACH
Kristina Riedl
Content Management – Germany DACH
Christine Demleitner
Marketing-Assistenz / Dekorentwurf – Germany DACH
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Der Menüteller in der eleganten Farbe Premium Black überzeugt mit einer rauen Struktur. Er eignet sich hervorragend zum Servieren von leckeren Hauptgerichten. Der Menüteller harmoniert bestens mit seinem beigen Pendant. Der Teller hat einen Durchmesser von 26 cm und wird in einem praktischer 2er-Set und einer hochwertigen Geschenkbox geliefert.


Schott Zwiesel

Produkt Maße

Der Menüteller in der eleganten Farbe Premium Black überzeugt mit einer rauen Struktur. Er eignet sich hervorragend zum Servieren von leckeren Hauptgerichten. Der Menüteller harmoniert bestens mit seinem beigen Pendant. Der Teller hat einen Durchmesser von 26 cm und wird in einem praktischer 2er-Set und einer hochwertigen Geschenkbox geliefert.


Schott Zwiesel

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